Defunct Speedway Tracks


Card Set 17
Turf Cigarettes
A set of 50 cards but we only have 7 cards so far.  These cards were part of the cigarette pack and had to be cut from the packet.  Please email if you can help build up to a full set John
David Pipes says: These are all packets of 10 cigarettes. Presumably, if it was pay day or you were a heavy smoker then you could buy a packet of 20 cigarettes which contained two cards.  I can confirm that this “Sports Series” of cards only contained a total of 9 speedway riders, the remaining sports personalities being golfers, boxers, jockeys, tennis players, rugby players, cricketers and ice hockey players. Footballers were the subject of separate card series.
Card 16 Lloyd Goffe & 
Card 19 Vic Duggan

Card 22 Tommy Price & 
Card 23 Ron Johnson

Card 25  
Alec Statham

Card 29 Bill Kitchen &
Card 30 Malcolm Craven

Card 45  
Norman Parker

Card 48 Jack Parker
With help from David Pipes we now have a complete set of Turf Speedway Cards (9 cards) the other cards in this series of 50 feature other sportsmen.

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