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Name The Rider
Part 2

The Bogy Man!
Courtesy of J Spoor
No! the following photos on my Name The Rider Pages are not as difficult to name as this one!
The man in black. George Charlton says: Hello John, I came across this photo on your Defunct Tracks website and found it very interesting I have a good pal Ivan Stevenson who has some of his photos on your website, we came across this topic, the man in black! Ivan has a large collection of photos from the 1920 era, he found a one very similar and thinks it is of Les Blakebrough who rode for Stamford Bridge and Coventry in the 1930s he died in 1933 I hope this helps on this matter.
John says: I don't know the identity of the man in black.  When I put this picture on my name the rider pages, I never thought anyone would name him or even hazard a guess!  You and Ivan could be right but I would like to see Ivan's photo of Les Blakebrough send me an image by email please John
The Bogy Man is:-
Les Blakebrough!
David Pipes has supplied "proof" of the identity of the man in black he is Les Blakebrough.
David Pipes says: The rider on the Name the Rider section on your website is named as Les Blakebrough.  I was looking through the old issues of the Daily Mirror and came across a picture of Les headed “The Bogy Man” in the paper dated 18 May 1928. I am attaching a photo from the paper (see above) and I think that you will agree that this does confirm that the mystery rider is indeed Les Blakebrough (1907-1978) although the paper did misspell his surname. 
I am also enclosing a photo (see below) of Les in action and another (see below) with Les and his Douglas with “ball tyre” – probably good on deep cinder tracks but not a very useful tyre on present day slick track surfaces !!
Photo's courtesy of David Pipes

ZZ Top! No! Too Many Of Them
Courtesy of J Spoor
In the same vein do you recognise the guys in this team photo, personally I am not even sure they are human! 

Doug Neath says: Hi John, Can’t help you with the single rider, but I believe the team photo was taken at Belle Vue in 1968 and is of the Russian side Leningrad Auto Club who rode there in a challenge match on 27th July.  Their team consisted of:  Ivan Andeev,  Yuri Lomdotski, Gennardy Vyonov,  Anatoli Belkin, Viktor Katyuzanski, Genrikh Lemberg and Vladimir Kannunikov, though I have no idea who is who in the picture.  Hope this helps Doug

John says: Well Doug you weren't supposed to be able to identify either the single rider in black or the Russians behind the masks but thank you for the names of the Leningrad team

Bogy Man Pic
Courtesy of John Spoor
Another almost impossible to name rider, unless you recognise the tip of his nose that is! if you can name him please send me an email John

John says: I get pictures and questions sent to me where the sender doesn't know the name of the rider or wants information concerning our sports past and I don't have the answers!  Any help is appreciated because it would be wrong not to include historical items just because we have no idea what the subject is about! 
Can you name these tracks, year and rider's? send me an email if you can supply an answer or want to make any points. John  When a rider has been named the picture will eventually be transferred to the appropriate team page along with your name and comment.
If you have any items: photos or otherwise and would like to know names and other info then please email me and I will put it on the website.

Who Is Ray Terry?
My friend Col Greenwell says: I recently acquired this photograph. It has on the back Frank Hodgson. It certainly looks like Frank. What has me stuck is there is a name on the mudguard Ray Terry.  Who is Ray Terry I am wondering ?
John says: I would put my shirt on this being Frank Hodgson.  Did Frank borrow Ray's bike or was Frank asked to pose for the picture on a bike and Ray's machine was nearest the cameraman!
If you can throw any light on this picture please email me John
Col Greenwell says: Hi John.  Pic I sent to you is not Frank Hodgson. It is Ray Parry an Eastbourne junior, early 1950's. So that's sorted.

Plymouth Team
Courtesy of Ian Fursey
In what year was this photo taken? Can you name the riders?  If you can help please send me an email John
Steve Baker says: Plymouth team is from 1952 and while I don't know all the names here is what I have, left to right, Freddie Frape (track manager), Alan Smith, ?, Brian Hitchcock, ?, Sid Hazzard (team manager), Dennis Hayes, Bill Thatcher, Johnny Bradford, ?, on bike is George Wall, I don't know the guys kneeling.

Johnnie Hoskins Plus?
Mike Page has sent me the above photo image and he would like to know the identity of the rider.  Mike says the other guy is Johnnie Hoskins and I would second that.  We don't know the rider, the girl or the year and occasion so any help will be greatly appreciated John
Nigel Bird says: Hi John, Name the rider part 2, the Mike Page photo which includes Johnnie Hoskins. The race bib is a clue, England and Wembley aside the only other team to have a Lion rampant as their emblem was Glasgow 1939 promoted by Johnie Hoskins. Should think Jim Henry can identify the rider Regards, Nigel
Reg Fearman says: The rider  receiving the trophy, with Johnnie Hoskins is Derek Close

Czech Gold Helmet Booklet
The above photo appeared in a 1979 Czechoslovakian golden helmet booklet which I have reproduced on my Miscellaneous page 3.  I have no idea who the riders are so help me please John
Steve Baker says: Pic from the Czech Golden Helmet booklet is the Pardubice team that won the Czech League in 1978, a big surprise at the time as Red Star Prague were the favourites, as indeed they usually were. Riders, left to right are Petr Kucera, Ales Dryml (senior), Evzen Erban on bike, Jiri Jirout and Emil Sova. Not sure about the guy at the back, but it may be Roman Podany.

Jim Henry's Photos
Jim says: The writing on photo 1 is in Spanish but where it was taken I don't know.
John says: Can anyone identify the rider on the Douglas? John
Jim Henry says: I haven't a clue where photo 2 was taken - abroad maybe ?
John says: So your homework for the weekend is: Can you name either rider and say where the pics were taken? John
Gary Thompson says: Hi John, at a guess the two photo’s could be of the same rider and maybe they could have been taken in Argentina at the Hurricane Speedway during the late twenties about the time Frank Varey and others took a touring team to the country 
Col Greenwell has sent the following scans from an old book he has:  
John says: I like the idea that we could be looking at pictures of the Spaniard Poto brothers known as Primo and Secundo who were Toreadors before riding speedway.
So are the photos of one, or both of the Toreador Poto brothers?  or is this a load of "Bull"!  If you can help in naming the rider in the photos or have info about these photos, please email me John

Berwick Bandits
Down South!
John says:  This photo shows Berwick on their travels.  I can name Rob Grant Snr second from left.  Granty was a big strong guy and he really chucked his bike into the corners and stuck out his left leg like no other rider.  He was great to watch.  Can you say what track this pic was taken at and name the year and the riders John
Steve Baker says:  left to right, Stan Bear(?), Rob Grant, Les Rumsey and Steve McDermott.
Wildcats Scofield,Yeates,Rumsey,Wigg,McNeil,Bear,Crockett  
Bandits, Cribb,Collins,Hunter,Grant,McDermott,Thorp,Caroline

Newcastle Diamond's
On Their Travels
John says: Newcastle's Tom Owen starting from Gate 2. For some reason he is in yellow/black!  As a heat leader Tom was usually in white away from home so perhaps he was taking a tactical substitute ride?   Is this Weymouth? and can you say the year and who the other riders are? John
Steve Baker says: left to right, Rod Hunter (?), Martin Yeates, Tom Owen and John McNeil (?). As a Diamonds supporter, maybe you can throw some light on the rider on the outside!
John says: Nah! can't see enough of him.  He looks small so it could be Rod Hunter.
Ian (didn't say what his surname was) says: Hi John, In Name the rider part two. The Weymouth rider on gate one is Steve Schofield. Very nice site John. lots of nice photos. Keep up the good work
John says: Still looking for the year, Weymouth fans may have the programme and so be able to confirm the riders, look for a heat with Tom Owen in y/b
Bob Cole says: Hi John,  The answers to the Weymouth v Newcastle photo in your name the rider part 2 webpage: -
It is from 8th June 1982.  Ht10. From Gate 4...Alan Emerson, Martin Yeates, Tom Owen, Steve Schofield  The Result was Yeates, Emerson, Owen, Schofield. Time 69.3 
The teams were...
Wildcats 1.Yeates, 2.Schofield,3.Rumsey,4.Wigg,5.McNeil,6.Bear.7.Crockett  &
Diamonds 1.Hunter,2.Beaton,3.Joe Owen,4.Tom Owen,5.Emerson,6.Bloxsome,7.Foy 
This meeting was raced over the 16 Ht format.
Result 57-39

Sonic Communications
John says, It's Ole Olsen on the left and I think it is Billy Hamill on the right (I'm not so sure), but who is that in the middle and can you confirm it is Billy on the right? John
Steve Baker says: Ole Olsen, Rick Miller and Bruce Penhall. The picture was taken at Ricks testimonial meeting held on April 12 1991. Sonic Communications were Ricks main sponsor and they sponsored this meeting. Ole and Bruce rode in a series of match races, which Ole won 2-1
John says: Doesn't look like Bruce Penhall to me, I think it is Billy Hamill, but I bow to your phenomenal memory Steve.  When Bruce quit to become a Hollywood star I watched CHIPS every week but never saw our guy in an episode.  Did anyone actually see Bruce in a TV show or film.  Maybe he should have continued riding? John

Steve Baker says: Mark Baseby leading , I think, Dan Blake, both of Sittingbourne, 2005
John says:  Steve isn't 100% on these novice riders, can you assist and/or if you know lots about Sittingbourne's speedway history please email me John

British Speedway
Steve Baker says: Can only name Savalas Clouting in y/b and Stuart Robson in red
John says: Was this a British Final?  What track and can you name the riders? John
Steve Baker says: Pic headed British Speedway, which I have already named Sal Clouting and Stuart Robson, I can now confirm as heat 18 of the 1996 British Under 21 Final at Swindon, the other two riders are Scott Nicholls in blue and Stewart McDonald in white.

John says:  if you have a photo without names please email it to me and I will put it on one of the "Name The Rider" pages John

The contents of the site are and should not be reproduced elsewhere for financial gain. The contributors to this site gave the pictures and information on that understanding.  If anyone has any issue or objections to any items on the site please e-mail and I will amend or remove the item.  Where possible credit has been given to the owner of each item.

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