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Reading Speedway
Smallmead Stadium, A33 Relief Road, Smallmead, Reading, Berkshire. Reading has had four venues but this page concerns itself with Smallmead which ran between 1975-2008
Aerial Shots Of Smallmead  Reading_Controversy   A Sad Sight   Happier Times   Smallmead Demolished 
Reading Badges

Reading v Wolverhampton
27th August 1979
Courtesy of Wattie Dunlop
Courtesy of Wattie Dunlop

Tom Roe's Reading Photographs
Photo 1.
Bernie Leigh
Courtesy of Tom Roe
Bernie Leigh 1969 - 1973 ( Tilehurst) and 1975 - 1981 Smallmead
Photo 2
Bengt Jansson
Courtesy of Tom Roe
Bengt Jansson  1975 - 1977

Photo 3
Anders Michanek
Courtesy of Tom Roe
Anders Michanek (Newcastle 1970) and Reading 1971 - 1973 and 1975 - 1981  Anders time with Reading spans Tilehurst as well as Smallmead.  He may have stayed at Newcastle if the Tynesiders had not closed down after the 1970 season but Newcastle's loss was Readings gain.
Photo 4
John Davis
& 1985-1987
Courtesy of Tom Roe
Photo 5
Bob Humphreys 1975 - 1979
Courtesy of Tom Roe
Photo 6
Dave Jessup
1976 - 1978
Courtesy of Tom Roe 
Photo 7

Eugeniusz Blaszak
Courtesy of Tom Roe 
Tom suggests this may be a Czech rider 
Dave Armstrong says: This is Eugeniusz Blaszak from Poland, No. 4 Race Jacket,
Photo 8 
Mick Bell
1969, 1971-1973,
1975 - 1976
Courtesy of Tom Roe 

David Armstrong has sent the 3 photos showing Reading speedway in happier times

Car Sticker
Courtesy of Tom Roe

Reading Badges
1975 1975 1975 
1976  1977 1978
1979 1979
1980 1980 1980
1981 1982 1982
1983 1984 1986 gold
1986 silver 1987 gold 1988
  1989 silver   1989 gold  
  1990 1990 
Most of these badge scans were sent to me by my Scottish friend Wattie Dunlop whose badge collection will take some beating!
1990  1991 
1992  1992 1992
1994 1995 silver 1995 gold
1996 gold 1996 silver 1997
1997 Gold 1997 Silver 1998
1999 2000 2000     
Re above "Racers" badge I originally had the 2000 badge down as a "Year Unknown" badge until I noticed "2000" in the tyre tread!
My thanks to Wattie Dunlop for the badge scans
2001 2003  
2004 2004 2005
2006 2006  
  2007 2007
2008 *Year Unknown       
   *Walter says: The Unknown badge on the Smallmead page is from 1968
John says: Which means the badge belongs on the Reading Tilehurst page!

Smallmead From
The Air

Courtesy of Google Maps Supplied by Reg Fearman

Courtesy of Google Maps Supplied by Reg Fearman
Reading Speedway will always remind me of Reg Fearman.   Reading is still close to Reg's heart, he sends also, these following images: -

Photo 1

Photo 2
Reg says: Reading Speedway constructed in 1974. Photo 1, 2010 now and as it was in 2006.  Now owned by the Prudential Insurance Company.


Reading Controversy

Reading Speedway Update

Driving past the proposed new two venues recently in Reading,  I popped in to have a look.  "The sods have yet to turn a sod".  The derelict Speedway Stadium, the proposed site for a "Prudential" office block, remained a target for vandals until a fence was put around the site.     The site remains just that - a derelict Speedway Stadium.  The new proposed Speedway and Greyhound stadium remains as far away as ever.  The site was once used for Moto Cross and there was an access road to it.   This has long been blocked off with earth and hardcore.   The only activity going on is some road widening to the Council Amenities Site-- to you and me in old fashioned English, the Rubbish Dump !
Reg Fearman
May 2009


Newspaper clip courtesy of Reg Fearman and the Reading Evening Post


Reading Ravens
v Ryde White Wizards 1996

A Sad Sight
Reg Fearman's Reading Now Derelict
What a Great Photo

A very sad sight for the Reading faithful


Reading Badges
Photograph of badges sent by Russell Earl, who says: My dad is a big speedway fan, he lived opposite Wimbledon stadium and followed Ivan Mauger, Ronnie Moore, Barry Briggs and Dave Jessup. After being re-housed in Slough he followed Reading at Tilehurst and Smallmead although he started supporting the opposition following a meeting where Reading fans booed the opposition which disgusted him. He later moved to Cornwall and went to Trelawny's 1st race and became a regular supporter watching Chris Harris until their demise. He still hopes speedway will return to the county. When he moved to Cornwall he gave me all his old badges and those that are listed on your website I will send over starting with the attached Reading ones.

Happier Times Construction Of The Stadium

Smallmead 1974


Laying The Track Base Very Important - TerracingTrack Nearing  Completion
This is Smallmead under construction back in 1974. Tilehurst Promoter Reg Fearman had taken the sport from its previous home at Tilehurst to Smallmead. Read Reg's account of things here Reading.

It is hoped that a new stadium will be built just up the road from Smallmead Stadium and it is also hoped that speedway will return to the town in 2010.

I know that Reg has a soft spot for the Reading supporters and he is quite upset by the closure of the fine stadium he had built 35 years ago.

Reg has offered to supply the site with some of his photographs and views which may make the Reading page one of the best pages on the website.


Lamp Standards
52 Were Erected



The Back Stand Under Construction


The Pits Corner Greyhound Track
& Walkway

The Starting Gate
The starting gate is now in position and for those of you too young to know there is a Ford Escort Van and a Morris Minor in front of the bar both are now museum pieces.

Track Testing

Track testing with BBC TV in the snow.  BBC camerman is perched on top of Citroen.  The riders are Bernie Leigh and Richard May



First Meeting
March 1975



An Individual Meeting


Reading Support
Courtesy of Reg Fearman
Reg Fearman says: Reading Speedway. The new Stadium at Smallmead 1975 45 years ago - A very good crowd.

Vic Sage,
Reg Fearman,
Owen Bateman & Daughter

Vic Sage, Reg Fearman, Owen Bateman and Daughter 1976 standing outside the Geoff Curtis bar


Petri Kokko 1999

Paul Clews 2000
Steve Baker says: Paul Clews of Reading, 2000

Torn Off A Strip! 2004

The End!

2009 Smallmead


The Last Part Of Reg Fearman's Smallmead Left Standing! 


These 3 pictures courtesy of Andy Povey


The last part of Reg Fearman's Smallmead left standing.  I can only guess at how Reg felt over the demise of his Reading track.


If you can scan any photos, programmes etc please email images to me John

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