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David Pipes has supplied this card set.  David says: Hi John, This is a set of 52 cards from the Kiddy's Favourites Co of  128 Hope Street Glasgow.
This collection is 1 card short of a full set.  Card no. 23 Johnny Biggs. is missing.  Please send me an email if you have the missing card John

Card 1 British
Eddie Rigg
I believe Eddie was in the race in Australia in 1951 that claimed the life of Ken le Breton.  Eddie was in no way responsible for Ken's crash

Card 2 Canadian
Bill Matthews

Card 3 British
Frankie Lawrence

Card 4 British
Bill aka Willie Gilbert

Card 5 British
Howdy Byford
Howdy like Frankie Lawrence (also in this set), was a prisoner of war.  Happily both guys survived their ordeals and later got to do something (speedway) that they loved.

Card 6 Australian
Johnny Arnfield

Card 7 British
Les Lawson

Card 8 British
Cyril Brine

Card 9 British
Sam "Split" Waterman

Card 10 British
Joe Bowkis

Card 11 British
Ray Moore

Card 12  British
Jackie Freeman

Card 13 British
Alex Gray

Card 14 Scottish
Bill Baird

Card 15 British
Peter Lansdale

Card 16 Australian
Ken Le Breton

Card 17 British
Dent Oliver

Card 18 British
Charlie May

Card 19 British
Johnny Myson

Card 20 British
Eddie French

Card 21 Australian
Charlie Watson

Card 22 British
Richard Howard

Card 23 Johnny Biggs Missing
Card missing - email please if you have it John and I will add it here

Card 24 British
Bill Wilson

Card 25 British
Benny King

Card 26 British
Jeff Lloyd

Card 27 Canadian
Eric Chitty

Card 28 British
Jack Parker

Card 29 British
Norman Parker

Card 30 British
Malcolm Craven

Card 31British 
Bill Kitchen

Card 32 British
Alex Statham

Card 33British
Tommy Price
The artwork has captured Tommy's features, namely his ears.  This card is unmistakably Wembley Tommy

Card 34 British
George Wilks

Card 35 British
Ron Clarke

Card 36 Australian
Vic Duggan
The card artist has captured Vic's features well. Vic was obviously a high earner as he owned a track in Sydney

Card 37 Australian
Aub Lawson

Card 38 Australian
Bill Rogers

Card 39  Australian
Bill Longley

Card 40 Australian
Ron Johnson

Card 41 Australian
Frank Dolan

Card 42 Australian
Ray Duggan

Card 43 British
Frank Hodgson

Card 44 British
Lloyd Goffe

Card 45 British
Oliver Hart
My Uncle Georgie Ince a Newcastle fan says Oliver was his favourite rider.  He was great to watch, a leg trailer.  Uncle George and his friends started a cycle speedway team and called themselves the Newcastle Harts.  A pun on Newcastle "Diamonds" and using Oliver's name, their hero.

Card 46 British
Mike Erskine

Card 47 British
Geoff Pymar

Card 48 British
Tommy Crooms
I am not certain that a rider by the name of Tommy Crooms existed?  I wonder if the surname is misspelt and should be Croombs.  I know Tommy Croombs existed!

Card 49 British
Tommy Allott

Card 50 British
Les Wotton
Les was often called "Smiler" Wotton

Card 51 British
Les Price

Card 52 British
Joe Abbott
This card set was provided for us all to see by David Pipes.  There is just 1 of the 52 cards missing.  It is
Card 23 Johnny Biggs
If you have the missing card please help by scanning and emailing it to me.  I will put it on this page and let David Pipes know if you want me too John

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