Defunct Speedway Tracks

Crewe Speedway
British Railways Sports Ground, Earle Street, Crewe Cheshire.  Operated more off than on between 1929 - 1979
The Crewe track measured 470 yards in 1969, possibly the biggest track ever used for league racing; do you know of a longer track than that? John
Kevin Lyth's Photos    Brian Massey's Photos  Tom Roe's Photos  Mark Simms Photos  Crewe Badges

Colin Tucker
Courtesy of Graham Gleave

Crewe 1969

Colin Tucker



Crewe v Canterbury
29th June 1970

Crewe Badges
Year Unknown Year Unknown 1969 
  1972 1974
1975 1980 1982

The Chester Vase Handicap
27th July 1970
Courtesy of Wattie Dunlop
Courtesy of Wattie Dunlop
Courtesy of Wattie Dunlop

Kevin Lyth's Photos
Kevin Lyth's pictures of the Kings team.  I can only name Phil Crump and possibly Dave Morton.  If you can name any/all of them send me an email John 
 Barrie Stockton says: Dave Morton, Gary Flood, Gary Moore, Dai Evans (on bike), Dave Parry, Phil Crump, John Jackson Team manager, Les

Crewe 1971
Steve Wilkes says: Picture taken at Bradford: - Left to right: Ian Bottomley, Garry Moore, Norman Russell (Team manager), Don Beecroft, John Jackson, Barrie Smitherman, Dave Parry, Jack Millen, Barry Meeks (On bike)

Crewe 1973
Steve Wilkes says: Len Silver (Promoter), Dave Parry, Keith White, Tudor Blake (Manager), Garry Moore, Garry Flood, John Jackson (on bike), Geoff Ambrose (Kneeling-Left), Dave Morton (Kneeling-Right)

Crewe Badge
Scan from Russell Earl who says: Here is a Crewe Kings badge from 1972 when they were league and cup winners.

Brian Massey's Photographs
Crewe 'Kings' reunion. Chris Turner, Graham Crook, Reg Brassington, Colin Tucker, John Mulligan, Dai Evans, Chris Moore, Dave Morton.

Colin Tucker
Colin Tucker.  Don't have a name for the guy with sideburns.  If you know whom he is please send me an email  John
Karen Black says: Guy With Sideburns is Mick Mellors Dad ! - Andy Mellors.
Alan Corbett says: The person with Tuck at the back of his van is Mick Smith ( better known as Smiggy) like me he was a big friend of Tuck and Geoff Curtis and the four of us had some great times He drove the tractor on race nights and then he became Pit Marshall and both Mick  and I helped Tuck at the Track after the meeting and getting the track ready to the the next meeting

Colin Tucker Doing His Bit

Barry Meeks

1972 Dai Evans (Left) &
Dave Morton

Dave Parry(Left) &
Geoff Curtis

Ian Bottomley (Left) &
Les Collins

John Jackson
Phil Crump
 Phil Crump1972 Division 2, Riders'Champ at Wimbledon.
Phil Crump Golden Helmet Holder,1974 

England v Poland
England's Team

1975 Pete Saunders (Left) & Chris Turner

Crewe At Doncaster 
Crewe at Doncaster. Ian Bottomley, Dave Parry, Paul O'Neil (No 1), John Jackson, Barry Meeks. 

Crewe At Rochdale
Crewe at Rochdale. John Jackson, Colin Tucker, Barry Meeks, Warren Hawkins, Ian Bottomley, Dave Parry, Ken Adams, Paul O'Neil.

1971 Crewe 'Kings'

1972 KO Cup Winners
Crewe 'Kings' 1972 KO Cup Winners.Dave Parry, Garry Moore, Ken Adams, John Jackson, Phil Crump, Gary Flood, Peter Nicholas, Dave Morton & Dai Evans on bike.

1972 League & KO Cup Champions 
Crewe 'Kings' Div 2 Champions & Cup Winners, 1972. 40 yrs gone in a flash

1972 Dai Evans Ken Adams John Jackson & Phil Crump

Gary Moore (Left)
& Ian Bottomley

 Pete Seaton (Left)
& Dave Parry

1972 Phil Crump
Gary Moore &
Gary Flood

1972 Phil Crump
& Maurie Littlechild
 Phil Crump, Maurie Littlechild,1972  Maurie looks happy but what about Crumpy? or should it be "Grumpy"!

 Dai Evans (Crewe)
& "Crazy" Jack Millen (Sunderland)

Dave Parry(Left) With Miss Crewe Speedway & Gary Moore

1969 Geoff Curtis (Left) At Plymouth & John Jackson

Paul O'Neil (Left)
& Warren Hawkins

Romford v Crewe
 29th May 1969
Pete Saunders, Ross Gilbertson, Dave Parry, Frank Wenon, Romford v Crewe, May 29, 1969.  A great pic from the Romford track

Go Faster Additive
I made this picture extra large to show the can of racing oil that Phil Crump was pouring into his fuel tank.  I love the smell of Castrol R but this product is of something else, did it smell good too?

Wayne Forest
& Mike Broadbanks (Stoke) 
My thanks to Brian Massey without his pictures (shown above), the Crewe page would be a bit short of content.  Crewe has been "defunct" since 1979 with no likelihood of the sport coming back to the region.  They are gone but not forgotten on this website.

Tom Roe's Photos
1.) Chris Turner
2.) Les Collins


Mark Simm's Pictures


Scan 1


Scan 2


Scan 3

Scan 3 on your Crewe website is former Ole Olsen mechanic Cliff Anderson currently enjoying retirement with his wife Dianne touring Europe in there motor home
Mick Gregory
Cliff's former mechanic

Scan 4



John Jackson


Wayne Forrest


Scan 5


Dai Evans

Dai Evans, was he Welsh by any chance!


Mark Leverson's 1976
Junior Programme Scans
Mark Leverson  says: Hi John,  I was searching through my attic recently & came across this programme from a Crewe Training School meeting in November or December 1976. I used to spanner for Newport based rider Tony Murray who was a regular at Crewe for the winter training school meetings. On this occasion the promoter Charlie didn’t have an announcer so I volunteered to do it & stepped up to the mike in the announcers box so I can verify that the programme content is 100% correct.
At one meeting Tony hit the fence & injured his ankle & was taken to hospital. I retrieved the bike, hit the footrest back into place with a lump hammer, borrowed a crash helmet & gloves & went for a ride on the track – and a big track it was.
I don’t know if any of the lads from that meeting went on to “make it” but Tony Murray rode second halves at Newport’s Somerton Park in Phil Crump’s era & was the only rider I ever saw get black flagged there. He then went to ride at Bristol before joining Stoke in the second tier but we still remember the trips to Crewe with great affection  - driving up through the border towns late on a Friday night from Newport, sleeping where we could (sometimes up in the grandstand) & getting the bike & gear ready for the start early on the Saturday mornings.  Happy Days! Kind Regards Mark Leverson


The End!

Never a happy sight, Banger racing on a speedway track. Alas the bangers didn't last long either and Crewe has no oval motor sport at all now.

Chris Wallett's Photographs
Chris Wallett says: Been on my travels again. Crewe is not too far away from me so visited it for speedway first in 1972 and again many times after. Last visited it for a Stock Car meeting in about 1988. I think speedway was already finished by then and soon afterwards all sport closed there so its been at least 20 years I think since any engines roared.
My main recollection of the stadium was that is was I believe the only cricket ground used for speedway. The main stand was a large cricket pavilion as the stadium was originally built for the railway workers and was called the LMS sports ground. In a town so much associated with the railways I guess this is not unexpected. The stadium was built in a triangular area with 2 sides bordered by busy railway lines converging together hence the large retail park that now covers the area is called the Grand Junction.
As noted by you it was a huge track and very wide but was prone for some reason to very processional racing as there only seemed to be one racing line. One great memory I have from an early visit when I was a boy was getting the autograph of the greatest ever Crewe rider Phil Crump's autograph.
A really nice bloke and with the best neat and precise writing I have ever seen. Great memories but sadly that's all. No more speedway ever likely at Earle Street.
All the best glad you can still use the pics.
John says:  Your pics are always welcome Chris.  It is interesting to see what has happened to the tracks of yesteryear
If you can scan any pictures, programmes or badges send me an email John

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