Defunct Speedway Tracks

Canterbury Speedway
The Crusaders were based at Kingsmead Stadium, Kingsmead Road, Canterbury Kent between 1968 and 1987
Canterbury Badges
The 1968 Crusaders

Canterbury v Belle Vue Babes 1968
Courtesy of Richard Brown

Track Staff Memories

Bob Catt says: I had the best time of my life at kingsmed stadium early 1968 I belonged to the Canterbury  motor cycle club and we spent many hours building and painting the what was then called a safety fence,  many of us lads became  track staff  I  was very lucky to be one of the four  picked  to  stand behind the bikes at the start of each race  we loved every minute. The best night for me was the night Ken Vale came up to the tapes struggling to keep from going  through  them he said to me hold on the back of my bike cos my clutch won’t stop me then let go when the tapes go up  I remember he won the race and gave me the thumbs  up great stuff     I even missed my brothers  wedding rather than miss speedway & didn’t  miss a single  metting  1968 or 69 I don’t know if you can be of any help. But everything  I can find is 1970 onwards no photographs of earlier meetings with   mostly Jap engine bikes and black leathers .  Sorry if I am being a pain Kindest Regards Bob Catt

John says:  So has anyone got 1968 or 1969 photos etc that you can scan and email to me to keep the Bobcat happy!

Canterbury v Rochester 1969

Tyburn Gallows
(TheHangman's Apprentice)
No!  Well he was an undertaker

John Hibbern
Courtesy of Ted Hearn

Canterbury Crusaders
Courtesy of Ted Hearn
Alan Kite, Barry Thomas, Graham Banks, Russ Osbourn (Team Manager), Graham Miles, Jake Rennison, Barry Crowson, Lionel Hoskins, And Graham Smith on bike

3 Of The Best
Courtesy of Ted Hearn

1969 Crusaders
Courtesy of Ted Hearn

Dave Percy
Courtesy of Ted Hearn

Martyn Piddock &
Graham Miles

Courtesy of Ted Hearn

Martyn Piddock
Courtesy of Ted Hearn

Mayor's Festival Trophy
12th September 1970

1970 Canterbury v Romford

Canterbury v Coatbridge
31st May 1975

Canterbury v Glasgow
20th June 1981

1985 Crusaders

1985 Crusaders Bill Barrett, Mick Hines, Steve Bryenton, David Mullett, Mike Spink, front: Neville Tatum & Rob Tilbury

Alan Sage

Pic 1

Pic 2

Pic 3

Pic 4
We would like to know who each of the riders featured in these 4 photos is  John
Paul Burton says:  The picture with the trophy is, it’s Rob Tilbury and David Mullett, but not sure who the rider on the right is.
Col Greenwell says: Bottom pic....I think the guy not named is Mike Spink.....( ex Middlesbrough Tiger )..
Steve Baker says: Hi John, I have some names of the Canterbury riders in Paul Burtons photo`s. Pic 1 is Dave Mullett.
Steve Cummins says: Paul Burtons photo no.4.  Definitely Mike Spink on right
Pic 2 is Rob Tilbury in the centre though I don`t know the others. Pic 3 is Alan Mogridge being thrown in the air by, on the left, Alan Sage and on the right ( I think), Mike Spink and Steve Bryenton.Pic 4 is, as already stated Tilbury, Mullett and Spink.
Martyn Cornwell says:The missing rider in the last of Paul Burton's Canterbury photos (with Rob Tilbury and Dave Mullett) is Mike Spink. A former Mildenhall rider, I spoke to him a couple of years ago and he was working as a driving instructor.  Congratulations on a fantastic website

v Exeter
Steve Baker says: The rider in the lead is definitely Paul Evitts ahead of , I think, Steve Bishop.

Another Canterbury
v Exeter Picture
Steve Baker says: Kevin Price leading Mike Spink (inside) and Steve Bryenton (outside)

Canterbury, Poole & Exeter
Steve Baker says:  Rob Tilbury leading Will James of Poole and possibly Michael Coles of Exeter

Andy Buck Leading
Alan Mogridge

Graeme Smith 1
Graeme Smith captain in 1970

Graeme Smith 2
Courtesy of Graeme Smith
I presume Graeme is leading this race?  Can you name the other riders and say what year this was? John
Pete Blake says: 2nd Reg Trott, 3rd Dave Smith, 4th is either Dave or Gordon Kennett.  Great website
Mick Cherry says: This was from the 1970 season. The picture was used in the programme throughout the season.The Canterbury v Eastbourne match was British League II on 16 May 1970, and the rider in 4th place is Gordon Kennett.

Graeme Smith 3
Courtesy of Graeme Smith
I presume Graeme is leading this race also?  Can you name the other riders and say what year this was? John
Pete Blake says: 2nd Graham Banks, 3rd Ian Turner
Mick Cherry says: The Canterbury v King's Lynn match was a Challenge Match on 25 April 1970.
Mick Cherry says: I met Pete at Rye House v Canterbury in 1971, and I'm proud to say he's been my friend ever since.

Canterbury 41 Coatbridge 9!
Wattie Dunlop says: The Tigers walked out after exclusions in heat 6 and meeting continued till more than 39 were scored by Canterbury cheers  Wattie

Canterbury Badges
1968  1974  1975 
1978 Year Unknown Year Unknown 
Year Unknown  Year Unknown   1980 
1980  1987  Year Unknown 

1980's Canterbury Riders
 Above: Carl Chalcraft & Paul Whittaker
Mark Lyndon  &  Jeremy Luckhurst
Steve Masters

Canterbury v Rye House
Courtesy of Andrew Gallon
Courtesy of Andrew Gallon

If anyone wants to help develop this page, scans of pictures, programme covers or badges would help. If you have any items or memories, please email me John

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